10 Questions for a Better Sales Pipeline




Often we are more hopeful because of a pleasant conversation with a prospect than assessing the reality of how far along we are, or how likely it is to happen. Improvement can be made by discovering what you really don’t know.  And, the more you are uncertain of, the less likely this deal will truly happen.  These questions may help you determine which deals are real – or a pipe dream.
1. What problem does the prospect want to solve?
2. What specific solution have you recommended?
3. Who really makes the decision?
4. What is the next step in the process?
5. What is the date of the next step?
6. Does the prospect have the money to spend now?
7. When is the deadline for final decision?
8. What other vendors are being considered?
9. If the prospect does not choose you, what will they do?
10. What is the one thing that could keep the deal from happening?
Utilize these questions and watch your pipeline become more accurate and sales improve.
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