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Moery_Logo_FINAL_300X300-300x300I’ve talked to a lot of sponsors this year, and most of them are just like we are – busy. They are executing day-to-day business of the programs they’ve already committed to – going to the trade shows that are already on the list – and, they don’t have enough time to think about what they are doing with your association strategically.
Here’s a prime opportunity for your association to be proactive – I believe it’s really important to have at the very least an annual meeting with your big sponsors and supporters about where they want to go next and how they want to execute it.  Increasingly, I have learned two essential ideas.

  1. Increasingly, sponsors are telling me they need step up their game.  They recognize the need for a better program with the associations.  Sponsors are typically spread really thin so the association really needs to spoon feed new opportunities for them.
  2. As an association, you will learn from the sponsor their priorities or business goals with your members may have changed over time.  If you continue to send the prospectus and take orders, then the likelihood of disconnection from the sponsor will really spike.

For example, when a sponsor came on board and started working with you 2 years ago, the whole idea was presenting their brand to your industry and the association because nobody knew them. But, that’s not the issue now. So, why keep doing the same thing? Do something that facilitates the key accounts they want to meet; perhaps, discuss the desire to do more content marketing. You will never know unless you ask, so take the initiative and you’ll be glad you did.
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