3 Reasons August is a Great Sales Month



Conventional wisdoms says August is a “slow” sales month.  I couldn’t disagree more.  In fact, for some sales pros the dog days of Summer are a great opportunity.  Here’s why.
Access:  Sure, most of your prospects take some time off.  But the remainder of the month people are more accessible because the overall pace of business is slower.  And, the administrative assistant may be out of the office.
Budgets:  Organizations are beginning to making budget considerations for next year, likely right now. The best way to overcome the “it’s not in my budget” objection is by ensuring you are!  This is a significant opportunity for exhibit and sponsor sales with new companies.  A priority is getting in the decision making and budget cycle for these new targets and now is the time to do it.
Your competition is sitting at the beach:  Most salespeople believe business is slow now. They don’t make outbound calls.  Great!  They now have more time for you.  Take advantage of it.
So, up the acitivity, especially with companies you have never worked with. Make August your best month ever…there is still time left to make a huge impact.


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