5 Effective Strategies to Secure Association Sponsorship from Large Companies



For associations seeking to grow their reach and impact, securing sponsorship from large companies can be a game-changer. Not only does it provide financial support, but it also enhances credibility and visibility. However, approaching large companies for sponsorship requires a well-thought-out strategy to make a compelling case and establish a mutually beneficial partnership. In this blog, we will discuss five effective strategies that associations can use to attract sponsorship from large corporations.
  1. Research and Identify the Right Fit
  2. Before reaching out to potential sponsors, thorough research is essential to identify companies that align with your association’s mission, values, and target audience. A successful sponsorship partnership is built on shared interests and objectives. Look for companies that have a history of supporting causes or events similar to yours. Explore their corporate social responsibility initiatives and check if they have sponsored similar associations or events in the past. Understanding a potential sponsor’s market position, industry, and marketing objectives will also provide valuable insights. The more you know about a company, the better you can tailor your proposal to showcase the benefits of association sponsorship for both parties.
  3. Craft a Compelling Proposal
  4. A well-crafted sponsorship proposal is the key to piquing a large company’s interest. It should be clear, concise, and persuasive. Begin with a compelling executive summary that highlights the association’s impact, reach, and objectives. Clearly state how the sponsorship will benefit the company, focusing on the value they can gain from the partnership. Outline the different sponsorship levels, offering various benefits and exposure opportunities for each tier. These may include logo placement, speaking opportunities, social media promotion, and access to the association’s network. Providing tangible data, such as demographics, event attendance, and online engagement, can reinforce the association’s credibility and potential return on investment for the sponsor.
  5. Leverage Personal Connections and Networking
  6. While cold-emailing a large company might work occasionally, leveraging personal connections and networks significantly increases the chances of success. Reach out to board members, current sponsors, or associates who might have connections with the target company. A warm introduction can open doors and provide a level of trust that can be hard to establish otherwise. Attend industry events, conferences, and networking functions where you might have the opportunity to meet representatives from potential sponsor companies. Building personal relationships and engaging in genuine conversations can lay the groundwork for future sponsorship partnerships.
  7. Showcase Impact and Past Success Stories
  8. Large companies are more likely to sponsor an association that can demonstrate a track record of success. Highlight the impact of your association’s initiatives and the outcomes achieved in the past. Share testimonials or case studies from previous sponsors, illustrating the positive results they experienced through the partnership. Use data-driven metrics to showcase the reach and engagement of your association’s events, programs, or online presence. Demonstrating a solid return on investment and showcasing how your association can help the sponsor achieve its marketing goals will make your proposal more compelling.
  9. Focus on Long-Term Partnerships
  10. While securing one-time sponsorships can be beneficial, focusing on long-term partnerships with large companies can provide stability and sustainable support. Emphasize the potential for a multi-year collaboration and highlight the benefits of ongoing association with your organization. Ensure your proposal includes a clear plan for activating the partnership over the long term. Detail how you will consistently recognize and promote the sponsor’s involvement throughout the association’s activities and events. A well-thought-out long-term strategy reinforces your commitment to the partnership and shows that you are invested in delivering value to the sponsor beyond a single event.


Approaching large companies for association sponsorship requires a strategic and well-prepared approach. By conducting thorough research, crafting compelling proposals, leveraging personal connections, showcasing past successes, and emphasizing long-term partnerships, associations can significantly increase their chances of securing sponsorships from major corporations. Remember, the key is to establish a win-win situation where both the association and the sponsor can achieve their objectives and create a positive impact on the audience and community they serve.


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