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June 21st marked the first day of summer.  The kids are out of school, vacations have started, half-day Friday schedules have begun for some organizations, Congress shuts down in August, etc.  So how does your association deal with summertime?  Do you let your foot off the gas and mail it in until after Labor Day?  I have a few recommendations for your association this summer to keep all that great momentum you built during the spring.
Have a succession plan built in for every position.  When your Director of Membership goes on a 2-week vacation, who is following up with prospects and the pipeline?  Who is making sure the momentum from your spring conference continues?  If you lose 2-weeks’ worth of work in July, I guarantee you will notice it on your books come September.
Succession plans are extremely important, especially in the summertime. In this highly connected world, some leaders find it important to unplug for a certain time period.  So, who is making the decisions for this time period?  Don’t be left in a spot where that decision must wait until next week.
Have a marketing plan set up 30 days earlier than you normally would in the summer months.  Don’t run into the situation where “so and so” is on vacation and they are the only one that can approve or set up a campaign.  Know when your Director of Marketing is going to be out and don’t go into their office 2 days before their vacation.  You probably won’t get their best work, if you get anything at all.
Schedule meetings far in advance.  Need to meet with a key prospect in advance of your fall meeting? Don’t wait until August to schedule it.  You may quickly find out that 3 of the key people who need to be in the meeting are all out at different times during the month.  You should know about that in June or July, so you can plan accordingly.
We have found great success in following these steps so we can remain a nimble organization and we don’t miss a beat for all the great association clients we sell for.  And following some of these steps will allow your great employees to take a much-needed break and recharge, but you won’t lose the momentum from the spring.
Mike Thomas is The Moery Company’s Senior Vice President of Sales. Connect with him at


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