Day in the Life of an Association Sales Executive



5:00 pm
My day starts the night before. Before leaving my desk in the evening, I make a list of 4-5 things I want to accomplish the next day. These items come from my weekly list that I make every Friday, which includes all that needs to be accomplished for all my accounts in the coming week.

8:00 am
I have one child in brick and mortar school and one child in part-time preschool. On this day, only my daughter has school and my son will come back home with me until our sitter comes to the house.
9:00 am
Team Pep Rally!
9:30 am
Start checking off those boxes! I usually start with something small or something that requires creativity, like a marketing e-mail or creation of a prospectus.
10:00 am
Making sales calls for my clients, one group at a time. Sometimes, I’m following up with active opportunities in my pipeline, pushing for a close. Other times, I’m calling to set-up a membership or sponsorship introduction call. Today, I’m calling exhibitors from a conference who would be ideal members for my client.
11:00 am
More calls! Now I am calling prospects that opened a marketing email, asking if they’d be willing to have a call to discuss membership. I called this same list last week and was able to have 3 membership calls scheduled.
12:00 pm
Lunch with my husband and my littlest kiddo, Miller.
1:00 pm
Catch up on emails, reply to inbounds, etc.
2:00 pm
Sponsorship sales call with a prospect. These calls are roughly 15 minutes. I use the same, easy agenda for every call. You tell me about your company, I’ll tell you about our organization, and then we decide if there’s a fit.

2:30 pm
Get my son up from his nap. Both of my children were in daycare prior to March, however, after the pandemic hit, we had to strategize. Now, my youngest is home with me (and sometimes with a sitter), so his afternoon naps are a crucial part to me getting things done!
3:00 pm
Call with a client to update them on the status of the membership recruitment. We’ll collaborate on who we are working with, where we can utilize the association’s expertise, and identify any new prospects.
4:00 pm
Follow up with individuals who opened and clicked on a marketing email I sent last week with a personal email, asking if they’d like to schedule a time to speak. I like using e-mails here as well because I include a link to schedule a time to speak. This is an easy way to get a reply from a prospect. Often times, they don’t want to call back, but if they can take action with a couple clicks of their mouse, they’ll do that!

5:00 pm
List out what I need to accomplish tomorrow!
Thanks for following along, connect with me on LinkedIn for more association business development insights!


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 She specializes in conducting a comprehensive review of existing sponsorship programs and developing fresh opportunities for increased revenue. Her association expertise also includes her ability to articulate government relations as a key membership benefit and to deliver presentations to leadership and boards across industries.
 Prior to Big Red M, Elizabeth worked within the association segment of Marriott’s prestigious global sales team. She is a graduate of James Madison University.


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