How to Address the “Stuck Deal”




The stuck deal is the business development experts most frustrating situation. The prospect loved the discussion, wanted a proposal, and now nothing has happened.  Nada.  Not even a response from a desperate email plea.
In these situations, I suggest crafting a message to get a response, not trying to save the deal.  Frankly, the opportunity might be gone anyway, and the prospect has not told you.  Here is a suggestion.
1. Confirm where the process is.  This recognizes you have kept your part of the deal and acted in a responsible way.
“I’m sorry we have been unable to connect.  Based on our last discussion, I was to draft a proposal and have a discussion regarding its specifics on ____?”
2. Give the prospect a safe place to say “no.”  Some of the “nicest” prospects will string you along forever.  That’s not nice, it’s a waste of your time!
“You may have  1. decided to choose someone else; 2. concluded the proposal was ridiculous; 3. determined this isn’t a priority any longer.”
3. Demonstrate you’re a pro and deserve an answer. “Or, it may be something else.  Most importantly I just want to proceed to the next steps or not.  Either is OK.”
My experience is this approach almost always gets a response.  And, that is what you really need.  An honest answer.
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