Are You Meeting the Diverse Needs of Your Membership?




I had the recent opportunity to work with a great association to implement a member survey on the perception of the organization’s value prop.  The first thing we learned was the “Baby Boomer” demographic, which represented the most significant part of the membership – was pretty darn satisfied with the association. That’s the good news.
However, the Millennial demographic was less satisfied with the value prop overall.  These members sought an improved communications approach, for instance, and while they still maintain their membership, they are less like to give us high marks or to make a recommendation.
This group requires immediate focus because it’s essential to get a handle on their particular needs and wants of the organization.  Much has been written about Millennials over the years – from their work culture expectations to their technological savvy, and it’s well-documented their needs are a bit more modernized. And, I get that and so should you.
The data has shown Millennials will join and participate in your association, but will they maintain their membership over the long haul with an organization falling short of their expectations? Probably not. So, for the long-term viability of your organization – be ready to pivot and shift to best address the demands of this younger group. Millennials are not entirely different people though. They are just at a different stage.
As for the Baby Boomers? I’m here to tell you; we will be around longer than you think, so don’t become complacent about the needs of this demographic. Personally, I plan to work ‘til I’m 85 – the Baby Boomers have plenty of game left.


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