Why Aren’t My Traditional Sponsors Renewing? Ask JP #061



Hello everybody, welcome to ask JP. Today’s question is why aren’t my traditional sponsors renewing?
So, here’s what we’re starting to see, we’re in this little transitional no man’s land. Virtual events are still being planned and hybrid in-person events starting to be developed.
What’s happening right now? Sponsors are sitting and waiting, they want to have some more clarity around what is going to be available and what format it’s going to be in. So, what I want you to do right now is really think about the company, think about what they’re going through what their mindset is around their sponsorships.
Then present them with multiple options to engage with your market. Don’t be so focused on what the individual event or program is, think more about them, because that’s why they’re waiting.
Hope that’s helpful. They’ll come back, but you’ve got to think more about them.
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