In the Past Year What’s the Biggest Change You’ve Seen in Associations? Ask JP #066



Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of Ask JP. Today’s question is, from March of 2020, to March of 2021 what is the biggest change you’ve seen in associations?
Here is one thing that may affect associations more than we anticipate or could foresee right now. Which are businesses that have locations outside of the city. For example, K street in D.C.
There were locations where they had their headquarters that were very important to their brand and their perceived influence. So, how the workplace has changed and the way that we work in locations has changed. Which is going to fundamentally change and disrupt talent base and how we work at associations.
That is the big deal that I think still has time to play out and I’m not sure how it goes.
I hope that’s helpful. Best wishes.
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