What’s the Big Deal? Ask JP #069



Hey everybody welcome to Ask JP. Today I have a question for you all; what is the big deal about telecommuting?
There are many op-eds currently surrounding telecommuting. Many of these op-eds sound like “hey folks if you’re telecommuting all the time, be aware of how it might affect your career.” So, my question for you is, what is the big deal?
I think the big deal is whether or not you should telecommute, or if you as a business leader allow folk to. Ultimately, it’s about control and the fact that you got costs in real estate.
So, let’s call it what it is. You want control over your staff and want to be able to look over their shoulder. Because if you don’t, you’re losing money because you’ve invested all this into infrastructure. Which is wasteful if people aren’t showing up.
I hope that’s helpful.
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