What Do You Look For When Hiring? – Ask JP #097



As we near the end of the year, there’s a lot of transition going on around workforce, hiring, jobs themselves, and how they might work. Somebody asked me the other day, what things do look for when you’re hiring people?
Number one thing is consistency.
I think your career is like baseball.  A .300 hitter or a potential Hall of Famer is the type of hitter that gets one extra hit a week. Just one a week.  Do they have the consistency to show up every day? Do they have a track record of doing that?
One of the other things I look at is, do they change jobs every two years?
In my experience the first year you’re learning. No one’s going to figure out whether you’re really good at something or not. By the second year, the termites in the foundation start to show or the person gets tired.  There are some challenges that they’re always going to face in that second year. On the third year, they’re exiting.
The other thing I look for, especially with young folks, I want to see how they navigated college.
One of the things that really pops with me is, did they work? Were they on a team? Did they fund themselves?  Did they do multiple things to fund their way through college? I like that grittiness.
Folks that are born on third base and thought they hit a triple, I don’t have time for. I look for entrepreneurial spirit, grit and tenacity to keep getting up off the mat.
Hope that’s helpful as you’re looking at your workforce for 2022. Good luck.

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