Association Business is Back and Changing – Association Field Report (March 19, 2021)



Hello everybody and welcome to observations from the field.
I’ve got four observations for you today. First, association business is coming back. We are seeing some great progress out in the field. Many associations are diving into new endeavors that may have been pent up here over the last year, but now they really need to do them.
I am seeing three of them in particular. First is there’s a real interest right now in dues recalculation or modernization. To be frank, some of your organizations haven’t changed their dues models, since there was a Southwest Conference or a big eight conference.
The second, the industries have changed. They’re introducing new membership categories, or councils or launching new associations because of opportunities in the industry.
The final thing, then is if you do this kind of work, whether you’ve got a new dues structure, or you’re launching a new program, or new council, or a new membership group, you really do need to have some outbound work. Being involved in sales and market development. Can’t just roll this stuff out and expect people to come to you. So that’s what we’re seeing out there. And welcome your thoughts on what you’re seeing as well.
Best wishes.


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