Association Collaboration – Association Field Report (August 13, 2021)



Hello everybody, it’s JP Moery, observations from the field for all of you association and business leaders out there. I had an observation I thought was pretty good that I wanted to share.
We’ve got all this polarization and tribalization around issues, policies and views. As that accelerates, it gets difficult  for associations to collaborate and bring people together under one umbrella, under a big tent, under small or large businesses.  People that have different thoughts about what business should do and what the focus of the association might be? How do you kind of keep people together?  How do you bring people in that want to be a part of that?
I think one of the fundamental things we should think about as association leaders is this, people want to join an association for two reasons. One, they want to make money. They want to generate more revenue, they want to go to trade shows, they want to meet business prospects, they may want to meet larger companies that could buy them, all that. They want to make more revenue for their organization or for their company. That’s a lot of the reasons why we came together in the first place many moons ago.
The second is they want to save money. They want to scale; they want to see trends that can help them run their business more profitably. They want to lower their operational costs by gaining education and training their employees, and they may want discounts for that education. They may want discounts by buying things in your kind of Co-Op or your ecosystem.
Don’t forget the two main reasons why people want to join an association. They want to generate more revenue, or they want to save it.  When you can do that, that’s a common theme that you can pull basically any kind of business around. Those themes will work with every type of business, and if you can demonstrate that kind of value, I think you’ve got a winner regardless of what they think about politics or issues or policies. Hope that’s helpful. Observation from the field today. Be well.
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