Set Daily Metrics to Help You Move Forward – Association Field Report (April 21, 2020)



Hey guys, quick report from the field today.
I want to share a couple of paraphrased conversations that I hope are not happening in your organization.
“I hope we cancel that meeting that’s scheduled for July 15 because, if we go through with it, I’m totally not ready for it.”
Or, “I sure hope we delay those membership renewals that are supposed to go out the door because I’m not ready to deal with them.”
I understand that it’s really easy to but I want you to avoid those types of scenarios. It’s really easy to throw in the towel some days during these trying time. And those kinds of days can turn into weeks and those weeks into months. Don’t get caught in the downward spiral.
It’s really important to measure yourself daily based on a set of performance and activity metrics. We’re talking about doing this in particular with our sales teams. We’ve have set fairly consistent objectives and goals around activity. I mentioned yesterday that our activity for our sales work was actually up 10% compared to last year. I thought that was great progress even though the deals might not be there and the pipeline might be a little bit longer. That said, the opportunity to work, establish relationships, give prospects some encouragement, and make them familiar with resources that are on your website that they don’t know about and more is really important.
So, don’t get caught flat footed. That’s the theme of the week. However, make sure you also set some goals for yourself on a daily basis, doing so will help you continue to make progress.
Best wishes. Bye bye.


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