Association Field Report (April 24, 2020)



Hey guys, how are you? Quick observations from a Zoom call that I’ve facilitated with about 15 to 20 association executives, CEOs, and CEOs.
Three observations.

  1. Some of these organizations are recruiting members right now.
  2. Big time movement to virtual meetings of some sort. They are concerned with their platforms and they’re exercising muscle that they don’t know how to work yet, because they haven’t done it that much before.
  3. Incredible amount of government relations work is happening. This is a differentiator. If you’ve got a great government affairs program you can go recruit new members.

If you can facilitate and still maintain the opportunity and the ability to bring people together and connect them, along with adding the virtual component, you’re going to be successful. What I heard from the people that are doing okay, is that they are the ones that haven’t stopped moving and haven’t put a halt on all of their activity. That’s a lesson for us all. Best wishes. Bye bye.


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