Unstructured Work Days – Association Field Report (April 27, 2020)



Hi friends, it’s JP Moery with another report from the field, early on a Monday morning!
Hey, I just had a great conversation with my sales team. And, this is kind of interesting, they were saying how the workday is less structured than it used to be.
I’ll give you an example. One of our colleagues talked about how they got a call on Friday at six o’clock from a prospect, another one eight o’clock in the evening, and another mentioned that they have emails coming from folks during the weekend that are business related.
There is less structure to our rhythm of work than we used to have. Keep that in mind for your email marketing messages, for your calls that you’re facilitating, and for your engagement with your prospects. There may be opportunities to work with them in less structured times that you may have used to have. The nine to five has gone away. We’re in a different environment. Don’t forget to pick up the phone and engage with your folks.
That’s my takeaway for today. Hope it’s helpful to you. See you soon. Bye bye.


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