Association Field Report (April 30, 2021) – Speaking Opportunities Greater than Sponsorship Opportunities



Hello everyone and welcome to Observations from the Field.
I’ve got breaking news today, for everyone who is in association sponsorship development. Speaking opportunities is greater than (>) Sponsorship opportunities.
Here is what is happening in the field. Sponsors want to distribute thought leadership; they want to speak at your event. Additionally, they want to be on panels. Right now, it is greater than any other type of inventory you have to offer.
So, I hope that you start to navigate that. We loosened up regulations in this digital environment. Thus, creating availability to offer those programs to them.
But now as we move to in-person events, don’t lock it down again. I can tell you, that’s what they want from you. They want that opportunity, and I hope you’ll provide it to them.
Best wishes.


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