Association Field Report (April 8, 2020)



Hi friends, it’s JP. I’m doing the report from the field today at a different location, I’m outside the house! Just had our staff meeting that we’re having every day so that we can stay updated on things. I’ve got a couple observations for you that I think are pretty interesting. And it’s this: the use of the phone now is better than ever before. Here’s what’s happening: the pace of the business is frenetic right now, however, people are answering their phones and they’re willing to chat. If you have been relying so much on your interaction and engaging with your prospects within your industry and with your members by email, phone calls are really working well. I think it’s a better personal connection! People want it. Although, email rate opens on some of our marketing, and similar activity, is up double digits from what it was prior to the pandemic. That’s one observation. The other thing is to make sure you’re staying in touch with people such as your members and your prospects. What we’ve learned is that things can flip and change very quickly. I’ll give you an example: an association that we’re speaking with that we’re big fans of, we’re always chatting with them and having good conversations. We thought a project that was going to start in June/July turned into a “right now” project. I think staying in touch with people enables you to adapt, pivot, and adjust projects for what they currently need. Stay in touch with your folks, they really want to hear from you. Best. Bye bye.


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