Association Field Report (March 20, 2020)



Hi, it’s JP Moery. Got some of the stuff set up here from a podcast that I just recorded for you. It’s Friday afternoon as I’m taping this from The Moery Company war room, updating folks every day on the things that we’re seeing in the field and with our company.
I want to do a special shout out to my buddies at Dale Coyne with Vasser Sullivan racing. I know you weren’t able to start your season and you’re waiting to see what’s going to happen. We’re going to be with you and look forward to supporting you when the season does get started. I hope to see it Indianapolis this year!
For my association friends, I got a little bit of a report for you here at the end of the week. I think what we’re seeing is this is a catastrophic situation for many businesses but it’s also the greatest association leadership opportunity of our generation. What I mean by that is this, do we use this as an opportunity that we’ve never seen before? Is the power of this real or is it just a slogan and the opportunity to get together at an event once a year? This is the power of this opportunity.
Here’s what I mean by that.
For more than two decades, I’ve listened to members through membership brochures, through videos, through interviews and conversations and I’ve spoken with members of associations all over the country. They all tell me the reason why they joined is connection. Learning from each other, getting valuable information they can’t get from anywhere else. That is what they need from you more than ever before. Connection, leaning in, talking to people about what’s happening. Learning from each other. Webinars and discussions around how you’re navigating this environment that we’re in. How people are getting supplies, and information, and how they’re connecting with each other to deliver those things and maybe collaborate and work together. And finally, the want valuable information. I’m looking at so many great associations and how they’re putting out specific industry information around the COVID19 virus. Unbelievable. Now is the time for that. And, by the way, using some of the platforms that we’ve been speaking to, here for about a year: live video, webinars, podcasts, live streaming on some of these social media platforms. Also recognize that the “pipe” is a little full right now and that the internet may feel slower than ever before to get out that information. But, man, I’m telling you, that is what’s important. And, by the way, a lot of the people that are your suppliers and vendors and sponsors, they would be more than happy to help you distribute that content, because they’ve lost the connection they have with so many of your members during this time.
Now is an unprecedented association leadership opportunity for all of us. The opportunities now is to step up to that. I thought I knew what Association Hustle was about. But, now, I can really see it and I see what the opportunities are. I’m thinking about you, your associations, your family.
Have a great weekend, and we’ll be back with you really, really soon. Thank you.


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