Association Field Report (March 26, 2020)



Hi, it’s JP.
I noticed that the association community, in the latest stimulus package of $2 trillion wanted to be declared an essential business. Okay, there’s probably discussion around that and whether that applies or not, but I’ll tell you what, I’ll play.
Let’s say that you are. Let’s say you are an essential business to your industry. What are you doing right now for them? It’s an incredible time to be connecting with members. I’m watching zoom conference calls. I’m watching discussions that associations are implementing among their members about how they’re navigating the future and the current situation. Isn’t that incredible? If I think about all the reasons why people join associations, one of the preeminent reasons from research and anecdotal interviews, is the ability to connect and learn from each other. If you’re essential, are you delivering those things for them now?
The other thing that I see is the unbelievable opportunity for another reason that people join, another reason that you think that you’re essential to them, and that is your association delivering specialized information. If you cancel the meeting that was scheduled, more than likely you have speakers, presenters, board members that have content that’s ready to be presented. Are you giving them the opportunity to deliver this type of programming to your members? As I’ve mentioned in some previous videos, you have sponsors that want to still connect and want to do business with your members. That did not stop. Provide them the opportunity to sponsor the delivery of the content.
Finally, the other thing that I’ve experienced in talking with our team, even today, is how people are still wanting to do business with each other as much as they can. We had a sponsor of an organization call us and say, “Hey, I’m going to lose my March marketing budget if I don’t buy something, like an advertisement or a sponsorship this week.” Don’t say no for someone else. Engage them with the right tone, with the right narrative, and let them make the decision whether it’s right for them or not.
Some observations for you on this Thursday, the 26th of March. We’ll keep these updated every day for you. Thanks for watching.


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