Association Field Report (May 7, 2021) – Local Engagements Importance to National Organizations



Hello everyone and welcome to Observations from the Field.
I have noticed local engagement and its importance to national organizations.  currently local, regional and state institutions are able to deliver some direct programming and engagement.
Therefore, associations that have good relationships and the opportunity to distribute their own content within that local structure are doing very well. However, there are certain pockets of the country where it’s a little uneven. For instance, there are places in the country where your members are able to get together and gather, and a lot of vibrance happening. Opposed to some parts of the country where things are more restrictive.
But, make no mistake, your ability to distribute, develop programming, work with colleagues at local, state and regional entities is going to be a really big del in 2021 and moving forward in the foreseeable future.
Hope that is helpful, best wishes.


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