Webinar Sponsorship Trends – Association Field Report (May 8, 2020)



Hi, it’s JP Moery with your report from the field.
Lots of discussions recently about webinar sponsorships and virtual meeting sponsorships. Two distinct things, two distinct opportunities.
Today, I want to cover webinars for you. As you go into your webinar sponsorship program delivery think about the following: how are you going to promote the sponsor before the event, during the event, and after the event?
Think about those in three different parts:
Have sponsor branding on your registration pages, in your email promotional copy, on social media, etc. Send them the list of registrants prior to the webinar.
Promote the sponsor in advance by having the moderator read and/or display ad copy on the opening slides or on the slide template throughout the webinar. That’s up to you. Promote the sponsor at the end of the webinar. Make sure that you give them notification that you will be promoting them and include their logo at the end of that webinar program.
I highly encourage you to do two things: record the webinar and then promote the recording on a variety of different platforms: social and e-newsletter. I would also e-mail a copy of the recording to all of the participants and, if applicable, to an entire membership segment that might get value from the educational content. All of this provides you the opportunity to promote the sponsor of that webinar.
The other thing that I would absolutely think about – if you have the resources, and frankly, it’s fairly inexpensive – take that webinar content, have it transcribed and developed it as an e-book that you could then deliver across all of your different communication channels.
A final thought: sponsors are gravitating toward delivering their own content and their own thought leadership within these webinars. You may get more, and you can charge more money, if it’s their own thought leadership. Be very cognizant about the educational delivery and make sure it’s relevant. Give them some standard operating procedures. However, they want to sponsor a webinar that they are hosting with their own information and, in effect, co-branding it with you. You are promoting it and driving the audience to them. That’s what people seem to be buying the most. I think I may have mentioned this somewhere else: we had a new client that rolled this kind of program out and they got four sponsors within a week!
You can stick to the traditional model is of providing the educational content and having an organization sponsor it. There are two different price points that I think you can offer there.
Best of luck to you. Move on this y’all. The opportunity is there to connect, to deliver great value, and to provide the sponsors some opportunities to get with their potential buyers.
Best of luck.
We have launched a Virtual Event Sponsorship Program that was designed to help association pivot from in-person event sponsorships to inventory best suited for virtual platforms. Let’s work together to grow your non-dues revenue for 2020 and beyond!
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