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We have all been in well-intentioned meetings or conference calls where our existing members volunteer to contact prospects. Incentives to reinvigorate a member-get-a-member campaign: I-phone or free registration? There is no doubt a good word from a colleague goes a long way in connecting you with a new prospect.
But, it’s pointless to task an existing member to sell a new membership if the activity never happens, right?  You can structure a simple action plan your members will execute and helps you sell more membership. Replace ‘member-get-a-member’ with steps that members will actually take.
3 strategies to kick things off:

  1. Ask members to be specific about the help received from your association. Ask them to simply state why membership has been important, and recommend being open to your call. For example:

“I have landed 5 more client because of my association membership. If Joe Defan calls from the Widget Association, take his call with my highest recommendations.”

  1. Another simple strategy to involve members is to encourage them to bring guests to an association event. For example:

“I’ve been involved in this association for a number of years, and I’d like to invite you to come to our next meeting as my special guest. Joe Defan from the Widget Association will contact you about the details.”
While, members are not likely to sell an entire membership for you, they are more than happy to invite a potential member or mention you when they lend their expertise to a colleague.

  1. Be very specific about your request.

Your members’ time is so valuable. Therefore, ensure your member referral engagement is strategic and focused on the best prospect.  Identify the absolute best referral as it relates to the business interest, geography, and service the prospect may be most interested in.
Good luck! I’m pullin’ for you.


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