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I recently listened to a video blog put out by Gary Vaynerchuk, a serial entrepreneur who extolls the hustle in business. Interestingly, his topic connected directly with an association survey TMC has been conducting on behalf of a client on association work place polices. We found in more than 100 participating associations, nearly 50% had work weeks consisting of less than 40 hours.
Now, I’m not saying this policy is inherently wrong. But, is the weekly work conducted by associations sufficient to meet their mission and goals?  Are we putting in enough work to be relevant to members – becoming a partner in their business growth? I don’t think less than 40 hours a week will cut it, friends.
I engage daily with professionals in the association space. These folks want to recruit small- and medium-sized businesses and seek to engage with millennials. They also want to reel in the largest companies in their industry, who will pay dues, attend the meetings, and take on that leadership component only a big company can bring.
My question: is our work ethic enough to actually bring these people in and keep them?  Is your association team putting in the “extra” level of effort that the small business entrepreneur is putting forth to build his or her company?
Association professionals are hardworking and capable folks – capable of extraordinary programs.  I’ve been involved with the business for a long time. But, in this era, I wonder if our energy matches those of the companies we want.
If it doesn’t, we have a problem.
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