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The association industry has experienced a volatile gut punch in the last couple of weeks. This is a big challenge for all of us in every way that I believe we will overcome.
I’m communicating with our advisory board on an almost daily basis and getting their advice. Here are two things I want to pass along to you today with a huge thanks to Kim Gallagher who shared these thoughts with me.
1. Be a first responder instead of a marketer right now. Think about how you’re going to help your members rather than marketing products and services, like you traditionally did prior to pandemic. Build relationships and lift spirits, instead of trying to make sales. For example, for us it’s challenging to do because we’re a sales organization. I’ve talked to my team and it’s all about building relationships and helping by providing information and resources. It’s not that hard. It’s not that difficult to see this change in tone and a change in approach makes things helpful.
2. Reimagine and rethink your value proposition. If you could, pull back and get really clear about what you should be providing. What information you should share? What educational content needs to be delivered and in what way? Now is the time to accelerate, rethink, and reimagine the experience that your members are getting from you.
Friends, we’ve got a battle ahead and we’ve got to fight it to win the war long term. Hope you’re doing well. Let’s hang in there.


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