The Best Time EVER for Associations




Now, today is one of the most exciting times in the association industry. And here’s why: I’m see organizations rising to the top by rethinking their membership models, membership categories, new programs and services – offering new value for traditional members and new companies that have never been a part of the association or possibly even eligible to participate. These types of forward-thinking associations will survive.
However, there are also organizations in the middle.  Associations concerned with consolidation and lack of membership engagement.  Meanwhile, the groups are doing very little to change outreach, engagement or launch new programs. These organizations are living on a legacy that fewer and fewer care about.  Those without a more progressive approach to growth and renewal will basically be squeezed out.

Then, there are exciting start-up opportunities – a “home” association for disrupting or new companies seeking a place to learn, connect and learn about advocacy – pillars of the association model.  We have a place for these types of companies, if we are willing to embrace their way of working with organizations.
These groups offer incredible opportunity – it’s a very exciting time in our industry. As the old adage says, “If you’re standing in the middle of a highway, you’re going to get run over.” I’d love to hear what you’re doing to change your association during this exciting time – give me a shout at


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