Big Fixes for Big 4th Quarter Challenges




There are 3 big association challenges all organizations face as they enter the 4th quarter of the year:
#1 Lack of new membership recruitment. Two reasons are affecting associations ability to recruit new members: First, a lack of well-defined sales process. Secondly, many organizations lack sales bandwidth to go after the new members.
Focus on the process and get people who can actually go out and sell for you.
 #2 Dues levels and membership categories are antiquated – and, they need updating. We’ve been helping partners with this dilemma.   We recommend pulling your data to find out what members are buying across the whole association – including non-dues revenue. This allows you to assess the value of all programs and possible clusters of benefits.  Get a sense of the environment by comparing dues structure with other associations.
 #3 Lethargic sponsorship programs – outdated pricing, the same old prospectus. So, we’re working with our clients to ensure they are developing and implementing year-long sponsorship programs across all the assets that the association has to offer. Not only at live events; but, what’s online, including webinars. Sponsors definitely want year-long programs.

Also, introduce some new inventory and eliminate those things that haven’t been selling. There are probably some offerings that haven’t sold for a year or two. Why do you still have them?
I hope you’ll reach out to me with any questions you have about these three challenges or any others you’re facing.


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