Building a Business Partnership that Works



I guess you can still call The Moery Company a start-up.  We’re focused on growth and enthusiastic about developing a larger client base. Over the last 6 years, we’ve undergone a learning process that has prompted us to be proactive in developing true client partnerships. And, I will tell you – the results have proven successful for both parties.
Here are the collaborative factors I’ve found that must be in place to start a productive business partnership:

  1. Execution and timely follow-up at the launch phase.  This sets an early expectation for both parties that deadlines and execution is a core value.
  2. Full commitment to the project. Partnership is such an over-used term today. Just because a contract is signed, doesn’t mean a partnership is truly in play. I’ve seen customers that give you the prospect list and a “have at it!” approach, and those which want to engage fully and cooperate on successful sales. Can you guess which works best?
  3. Two way communication. We really need ongoing feedback as to whether our sales approach is on the right track. And, at times we need the opportunity to pass along thoughts on your value proposition and pricing.
  4. Mutual respect for all participants – not just senior leadership.  I’ve often seen people deal with folks differently based on the org chart or after the launch meeting.  That’s just sad.
  5. Establish trust through open communication, responsiveness, and professionalism.  If we don’t trust each other – please, please, please – stop the deal now.

Ultimately, a successful partnership with your clients means more than just understanding what they need and providing service solutions. While this is an essential part of the relationship, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. To truly partner in business development consulting and sales – positive collaboration, proven value, and ROI is the ultimate goal – and that requires everyone pulling on the same end of the rope.


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