Business Start-Up Tips. #9



#9. “Burn the Boats.”
Dozens of very good people visit my office each year to “pick my brain” regarding the launch of a new business, job search or to have a career re-set conversation.  The conversations are a great learning experience.  But, I often get a real gut reaction about how the story might end.  During the dialogue,  the lack of true commitment often looms and limits the possibility of success right out of the gate.  I can almost tell who will launch… and who won’t.
People seem to hedge  bets by opening a firm but continuing to search  for a “real job.”. That is a hobby not a business.  My advice is to go all in with your chips, never look back and bet the future on the one person you know best.
The road ahead is tough.  If you’re part-time, then part success, or part failure, is likely ahead.


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