Case Study: Building a New Association



One of the best feelings is being able to help an association achieve success, whether that be increasing revenue, selling sponsorships for an event, promoting a new webinar series, or in this case helping build an association from the ground up. About a year and a half ago, we began assisting a new association by helping them build a value proposition, developing a target list of potential members, strategizing on sales outreach and process, and eventually going to market to launch a brand-new association in 2019. After opening its doors, about a year and a half ago, and working together with staff to market the new group and recruit members, this association now has nearly 100 companies involved. This association has been so successful – and has become such a name in the marketplace – we are going into year two strong enough to be able to implement a dues structure for current and new member companies. Being able to help an association get to this point and continuing to still work together to grow even more is so rewarding for all parties involved. If you are looking to grow your association or exceed your goals, The Moery Company is the company to partner with.


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Bethany Murphy

Bethany Murphy is a specialist at revamping association conventions to increase revenue and secure more sponsors. She excels at customer relationship management and executing sales programs on behalf of our partners. A true pro in “sales persistence” with sound business acumen – Bethany has helped our clients grow their membership year after year. Bethany joined Big Red M from Bulletin Media in Reston, VA, where she served as an Account Executive.


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