Professional Development

What Do You Look For When Hiring? – Ask JP #097 As we near the end of the year, there's a lot of transition going on around workforce, hiring, jobs themselves, and how they might work. Somebody asked me the other day, what things do look for when you're hiring...

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The Great Resignation Era – Ask JP #092 Hello there, I’ve got another Ask JP for you today.  Someone asked me, “what do you think about the big resignation?” I think one of the things that can be a little bit dangerous is we can make big assumptions about our...

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What Are Your Thoughts on Hiring? – Ask JP #090 Hello, it's an episode of Ask JP. A question I had just a couple of days ago was how do you hire? What are your thoughts on hiring people? There's one thing that I've embraced over the last couple of decades, and that...

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