Change Your Mindset About Non Dues Revenue – Association Field Report (July 16, 2021)



Hey folks from the field today, it’s JP Moery, at the Moery company. I got an observation for you. I’m preparing to give a speech in California and it’s going to be about non dues revenue.
What I want to challenge folks in terms of the thinking around non dues revenue at this speech is this- we used to think about NDR as publications, events, sponsorships, magazine advertising, sales, etc. It’s that old mindset I want to challenge because non dues revenue may be looking a lot more like membership revenue.
What I mean by this is more membership councils, more specific initiatives that people want to be involved in, think about all the ways that you can engage a person that may be outside of the normal membership structure. Their normal membership structure may look like government relations, committees, things like that, but all the other issues that they could be engaged in: workforce, technology, 3d manufacturing- whatever it is, there’s little programs and ways to engage folks that may look like membership activities, but they could be non dues revenue opportunities.
Think about that. Reframe the way you think about non dues revenue, and I think you’ll be more successful and come up with more new ideas, best wishes.
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