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Last week our company conducted an exercise which I believe makes us better.  It’s not the launch of a new product, the adjustment of our business model, or signed a huge new account.  However, the action was one which pulls the team together, begins to develop a corporate culture and ensures we have a common purpose…indeed a higher purpose.
The MoeryLAI team developed a set of values we hope to embody with each other, our clients and colleagues.  It was a powerful and dynamic activity and one I would encourage for every company, of any size.
These values will really embody “how” we do business.  Our “what” is pretty well developed.  We help associations and our for-profit clients generate more business.  We decided this is how we do business.
1. We collaborate with each other and our partners to increase the likelihood we will be successful.
2. We will conduct ourselves with integrity in every situation.
3. We are entrepreneurs, pushing ourselves every day to help clients grow their business through sales, strategy or coaching.
I look forward to telling you more about how this simple, yet powerful change improves us as a company and individuals.


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