Changing the Narrative



As a sales representative closing a deal is all about timing. We are all too familiar with the now exhausted expression, “These unprecedented times.” The narrative and focus needs to change to, “This unprecedented opportunity.”
How can we change the common objection of now not being the right time? Now, more than ever, we hear from clients that they are not prepared to make a financial investment until things clear up with COVID; budgets are frozen, and we should check back with them in another two months. Everything comes at a cost. What does it cost you to do nothing? Waiting for someone else to provide you with a better tomorrow only helps prepare for somebody else’s success. Hope is not a strategy.
The struggle is real and COVID-19 has us all looking for a better tomorrow, however, there are no guarantees in life. No one can predict the future and the crystal balls are all broken. So, what do we know for sure? Now is the time to show up and do the work. We have to put in the time to prepare for a brighter path forward.
Associations are seeing and experiencing the exact same situations as the companies that they represent and they still show up to work each day to slay the dragon. Associations are working hard to provide the tools and resources needed to bring success opportunities to their members. It creates a partnership designed to develop successful industry solutions by capturing member stories and sharing their message.  Changes are happening now and they are happening with the companies engaged in today’s conversation designed to shape the future. This partnership creates a moment for preparation and the opportunity to meet. This is where success happens.
Yesterday is a memory
Tomorrow isn’t promised
All we have is this moment
That is why it is called the present.


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