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Got something for you to think about this week.
I’ve been so caught up over the last six months – or however long it’s been – in keeping the business running. Making sure it’s operating, that we stay viable, that we continue delivering value to our clients, and keeping all of our team members employed. It’s been invigorating but it’s been a grind and it has taken a lot of hard work.
We’re doing some of the best work we’ve ever done as a business. However, here’s the one thing that you might be forgetting about, what’s your culture like right now? What is the wellbeing of your teams? I’m not talking about their safety, necessarily. My guess is most of the folks who are watching this video have the right standard operating procedures and protocols in their office, or in their virtual setup.
I want you to think about them as individuals. How are they getting through this? I was struck by this the other day, when my daughter was going through the first day of virtual high school and how dramatic and disruptive that was. Have you talked to your teams about how they’re feeling? We’ve been grinding it out and working so hard at such a fast pace for the last half year now.
Have we really slowed down enough to ask, “Hey, how are you doing? I know this has been a big change. I know some of the projects have been challenging. I know that business is different than it was before you’ve had to adapt. How are you doing?” And making sure that that culture now – in a more of a virtual framework, in a virtual environment – is one that they find that still accepting, supportive, and positive.
Think about that this week. Hope this is helpful. Thanks for watching.
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