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Hey folks, it’s that time of year. Renewing your members is top of mind, and the quality of your renewal letter can impact whether your members “act now,” or the renewal letter and accompanying invoice will be tabled ‘til time allows.
I’d like to offer a few pointers on these:
First and foremost – be very clear about your messaging. Often, we tend to cram too many elements within these letters when all we want is for them to pay our invoice. Within the text, we’ll veer off course and with a link to the PAC section – and, the exhaustive list of legislative accomplishments and yet another link to register for the upcoming annual meeting. Stick to the point. You want them to do one thing and one thing only – renew their membership.
Secondly – make it personal. If you could meet the member’s face to face with your invoice, what would you say? “Hey, we’re working on these three initiatives on behalf of your company, but we cannot be successful without your investment in the organization. Please renew as soon as possible.”
You get the idea – so, craft that language in the letter. I’ve seen over time draft renewal letters get passed around to different association departments and are amended becoming a menu of items – when what’s only required is a few lines of personal messaging, which connects with that member.
And, finally. Make it short. Keep in mind; we want members to act on the renewal letter – sooner rather than later. A lengthy communication undermines a person’s ability to “act now and pay right away.” The longer the letter is – the more likely the recipient will pass it along to other people in the company for consideration – what do they think of these issues? “Should we renew this year?” The situation is going nowhere fast for your association.
We want renewals to happen fast. With that said, make it simple for the member to pay – “Click here to renew.” When we provide multiple options to pay – the process can come to a grinding halt.
The takeaways? Be clear about what you want from your member, which is to renew, today. Don’t send members a laundry list of accomplishments from the last 12 months. Promote this messaging throughout the year. Make the letter personal. If you could hand deliver it, what would it say? And, make the letter short and the invoice easy for to pay. Good luck with your renewals this year!


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