Critical Data Collection – Association Field Report (August 14, 2020)



New programs are being launched, meetings pivoting to virtual platforms, and so much more is happening right now and I think it’s really important to focus on what I’m about to tell you.
One of the things that you’re trying to do at the same time is to try to engage new people and to convert them into new members and new sponsors.
An absolutely critical item that everyone needs to focus on is the collection of good data. It’s critical to collect good data because even the best sales team will suffer if they’re working with subpar information, like a lead without contact information.
Here’s what I think the best sales teams are looking for: names, contact information (phone and e-mail), titles, and company name. If you can, include information on the kind of membership category or segment of the industry they fall into. What we’re seeing is – in sponsorships and even membership – certain segments are looking for different types of return on investment. That’s critical because if you want your sales team to be efficient, they can be doing a couple things: they can be engaging those communities, looking for the return on investment, delivering the best value proposition for them, or they can be researching on the internet for names and contact information needed to get their jobs done.
It’s really important for the association to have a plan in place to collect this information and the additional data so that the sales teams can do what they do best which is convert people and connect your value proposition to the prospect.
IT, marketing and communications, and business development teams have to be integrated to make sure that the right data is being collected so that the association can be more successful in growing the business.


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