Critical Leadership Skills Necessary to Move Forward – Association Field Report (June 26, 2020)



Today’s report from the field is about leadership. I think it’s at a premium right now. Here are three things that I find absolutely critical right now. Let me caveat it by saying that I don’t do it very well. I don’t do all of these things perfectly but I’m trying. And I think these observations can still apply to you.
The number one thing right now is transparency. I show my team the numbers on an ongoing basis. If you’re concerned about showing your team the numbers and the financials, you’ve got the wrong people on your team. The value of showing them the financial numbers – and what’s going on with your business or your association – is then they have some context when it comes to your decision making and why you make the calls that you do. I remember working for an organization that had a happy hour on a Friday and everyone had a big time and on Monday they laid off some people. There was no context for the layoffs or insights on the direction of the organization. Show them the numbers. You’ll have a team that will trust you over time because you are transparent with them.
Do what you say you’ll do and don’t promise anything that you can’t do.
That’s a double negative, however, here’s what I mean by it: a lot of folks right now are making some promises that they will be unable to keep in the future. Don’t make those promises. Make the promises that you can keep. It’s very important because your people will trust you more.
Don’t pull the “I’m the boss” card.
This one has been one challenging for me recently. It’s really easy when you’re in a crisis situation to pull the boss card followed by pulling different levers that are distracting your team. Make some pivots, make some adjustments, but fundamentally let your team do their job. You hired them for a reason and to do certain things. They’re probably very good at those things. If you continue to do the base activities well your business is going to continue to thrive.
I hope you find these observations helpful. Keep moving forward.
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