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Hello, friends. Recently, I was having a discussion about leadership with a good friend of mine and he asked me, “What are the leadership trends you’re seeing? What are your thoughts on leadership during this unique time that we’re all going through?”
I thought about it a bit and wanted to share my answer with you.
Now is a really good time to focus on internal goals because the external environment is very dynamic, unsure, and uncertain right now. Focusing on internal goals such as integrity, honesty, motivation, and energy has been key for me. Asking myself questions about how am I encouraging and supporting others. These are internal things you can measure, develop tactics around it, and focus on. The long-term practice of focusing on internal factors is important, especially at a time when the external is so dynamic and unpredictable.
External factors such as profits, money, job, career, car, and type of business you may find yourself in three months are not as important as the internal qualities that you can develop right now.
What leadership challenges are you facing right now? Is there leadership advice you would like to share?


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