Data is Driving Sales Success at the Big Red “M”



Data is key to developing winning sales strategies. Tracking and evaluating trends can guide your next move, taking the guessing game out of the equation. The less guessing – leads to better prospects, more opportunities, and closed sales.
First and foremost, we use Salesforce to manage all client and Moery Company data. Data quality and accuracy play a significant role in reaching success for our clients. Our Salesforce is structured to adhere to each of our client’s business structure, as well as our own. This is key to maintaining data quality.
Just as each client needs accurate data to inform strategies, each prospect needs personalized message content.
To deliver the appropriate content, we use an additional marketing platform, Pardot, which supports the efforts of our sales team. Pardot allows us to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously and reach more prospects in a shorter amount of time.
Our email marketing campaigns systematically offer prospects essential and relevant content based on that prospect’s engagement. Based on email metrics, our sales team then establishes contact with those prospects who’ve engaged with our content and the dialogue begins.
Once an opportunity has been identified and a dialogue begins with a member of our sales team, it takes on average 55 days to close a sale. Pardot is continuously working with Salesforce, so the sales team can focus their efforts on the most viable prospects.
This system is truly driving success for our partners. We are covering more ground than ever before and based on the outcomes of our methodology, our sales team contacts a quarter of a million people every year. Every day we’re refining our process and it just gets better and better.
Kerry Doyle is the Moery Salesforce Manager. Follow Kerry on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.


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