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A common hurdle for most businesses is making the leap from one CRM to another. Typically, you are juggling multiple departments in different systems because their needs are different. Businesses are coming to the realization that it’s time to bring everything into one system to improve processes and ultimately become more profitable.  
The transition can be a daunting task, so before involving multiple departments, consider the following tips. 

  • Be specific 
    • What was the catalyst to migrate your data? Was it to increase sponsorship sales? Membership sales? Member retention?  
  • Identify what is truly necessary to reach that goal
    • If you want to increase sponsorship sales,    identify what information is critical for sponsorship sales only. Ignore the urge to start bringing in more data that won’t move you towards that goal. 
  • Develop a process and stick to it
    • Recognize when you’re in the weeds and pulling in data that isn’t relevant to the current goal. 

Data migration is a long game but with the right planning and execution, you will get there. 


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A Certified Salesforce Administrator, Kerry Doyle’s expertise lies within the management of client data for business growth. Kerry effectively manages Big Red M’s extensive database to serve client needs and support their goals. She maintains ongoing communication with client prospects through our automated email campaigns and message delivery – which guides a sound sales process.
A graduate of James Madison University, Kerry joined Big Red M in 2013.


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