Desperation Amongst the Workplace in 2021 – Association Field Report (February 26, 2021)



Hi everybody, welcome to Field Report.
Here is what I am seeing from the field, desperation. Don’t be desperate during this difficult time.
From an associations perspective I see desperation in terms of hiring firms or hiring people that are not the right fit. Make sure to do your due diligence. From the candidate’s perspective, it’s a tough time right now. If you’re searching for a new job don’t take the one that you’re not going to keep six months from now. Be focused on the long game.
On a personal level – we’ve got some friends of that are looking for jobs and organizations looking for clients or new personnel. So, we need to be cautionary about that whole process right now.
Do your due diligence and don’t be desperate. Stay the course, it will all work out.
Looking forward to talking soon, JP.


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