Digital and In-Person Events in 2021 – Association Field Report (January 22, 2021)



Welcome to observations from the field. We are going to cover in-person vs. digital events in 2021.
The question is, with the vaccine coming out what do you think events are going to look like in 2021?
we’ve been communicating with our clients very early here in the new year. And so, 2021 looks a lot like 2020. We’re seeing a lot of our clients push back their meetings to be digital events. Associations are moving them to digital events right away, if the events are within the first six months of the year.
We might be able to do some kind of in-person event. And that’s the first threshold we got to cross. The second threshold is, can we get people to show up? And that’s really a new area that we don’t know yet. So, I think what we’re going to see is smaller, regional, maybe more exclusive gatherings still might happen in the first six months. But, I think we’re going to be in a digital format through the first six months of the year.
One other thing, these organizations want participants, and they’re looking for the right mix of digital and in-person to engage and get as many connections they can within their industry and members. We know this because we’ve been talking about it. I’ll give you an example, IndyCar, we’re a sponsor of the Vassar Sullivan racing IndyCar team, and they’re making a move to move their first two races of the year back. Why? They need butts in the seats. Same thing for associations. So it’s very dynamic, but so far, 2021 looks a lot like 2020 a lot of digital play. So that’s what we see from the field right now.
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