Diversify Your Product and Service Offerings – Association Field Report (January 15, 2021)



Welcome to observations from the field. I’m reporting from Tulsa, Oklahoma where the Chili Bowl is kicking off this week.
2021 is going to be a time of your customers, clients and industries that you’re trying to reach. They’re going to be in control, wanting more flexibility from you around your products and services.
From the association space point of view, this looks like membership structure and their dues model are in need of flexibility. It’s essential to look at associations. Now is the time for adjacent new products and services.
The Moery Company is launching service for drivers and auto racing teams to help them with their sponsorships and development programs. This avenue has proved successful from some work with this on our own car at the Chili Bowl nationals. I discovered this is just like what we do for associations every day.
We find businesses that want to connect with the demographics and audiences that are active in motorsports. We also see B2B connections, where teams themselves need products and services and want to work out deals with their service providers.
This is just like what we do with associations every day. We understand the market and who wants to reach them. Now we’re offering those business development programs for drivers and racing teams.
So, think about adjacencies and strengths that could be new products for your products for your programs, associations or small business.
Best Wishes.


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