Do You Have Expectations for Being the Best?



My daughters, Grace and Katie Jo play softball. They are motivated, fairly skilled, and pretty decent players. But I’m biased. In a recent conversation, one expressed concern about her hitting. To really get to the heart of the matter, I guided our discussion with some questions like these:
“Do you work harder than everyone else on the task?
Do you practice on your own?
Do you study and read about hitting? Do you analyze techniques and the strategy behind a plate appearance?
Do you have a hitting coach?”
Is this the type of pro-active behavior needed to be the best?
This dialogue made me think about business. I mean, everyone strives for the brass ring, right? But … are you the hardest worker in your company? Do you know more about industry than others? Who coaches you? Do you put in the extra practice?
Ok. Come back to me when all that happens … On second thought, you probably won’t need to then, because you’ll be wearing the ring, right?


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