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What is the best way to manage a situation when you think you are losing control or don’t know where things stand?  Here’s a scenario: you meet with a potential new client, and you feel the conversation was great, but aren’t getting a response now. What is the best way forward?
I have a few helpful tips that work well for me through these types of situations.
1) Think back – did you tell the prospect when you intended to follow up with them? If you did not set clear expectations, it could be hard to reel folks back in as time goes by.  Make sure you set a time on the calendar for follow-up calls so you can keep discussions moving along.
2) Don’t get discouraged if you think the prospect is kicking things down the road. They may have other immediate issues they’re dealing with.  Be patient.  If you come off too pushy, there is a strong chance that you will lose the deal.  I have had deals come in recently from companies I had been working for 6 to 12 months.  It paid to slow down and let them sell themselves on the product.
3) Make sure when you follow up you provide pieces of valuable information that they cannot get elsewhere – rather than, “Hey, have you reviewed our information yet.” In our case, it may be a public policy update that usually goes to member companies only.  By sending relevant content or insider information, it shows you are engaged in what the prospect does and care enough to research items of value to them.
These are a few strategies I use when prospects “go dark.”  When I look back at some of my recent lost sales, I’m sure I’d find that I was not holding myself to this standard.  If you don’t know what’s going on in the sales process, you are setting yourself up for failure.  I’d love to hear about the strategies you use with your prospects.  Feel free to reach out at
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