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Here at The Moery Company, we send communications to thousands of prospects every month. To make our communications count, understanding the audience is critical. A considerable part of our communication success is the detail we collect to segment our lists. Based on their segment, or area of interest, they receive communications that are relevant to their business.
Often, we run into prospect lists that have little insight into their interests. This is where a survey comes in. Get the prospects to segment themselves. Why does it work? It is specific, straight forward, and short.
The survey results weed out the prospect that may not be ‘sales-ready’ and arm our sales reps with the right information to focus on the prospects ready to move through the sales process!
Kerry Doyle is the Moery Director of Salesforce. For additional content from Kerry, check out How Would You Rate Your “Best Practices?” and Carve Out an Hour a Week for This…


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Kerry Doyle

A Certified Salesforce Administrator, Kerry Doyle’s expertise lies within the management of client data for business growth. Kerry effectively manages Big Red M’s extensive database to serve client needs and support their goals. She maintains ongoing communication with client prospects through our automated email campaigns and message delivery – which guides a sound sales process.
A graduate of James Madison University, Kerry joined Big Red M in 2013.


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