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Hi guys, Jackie Bessette from The Moery Company here. We’re all talking about what has changed since 2020.  We hear this a lot; some things will never be the same. One of the things that’s really changed in the association industry space is sponsorships.
It is absolutely vital, especially as events are coming back, that your sponsorship, outreach conversations, programs are not just, “are you in or are you out?” They need to be phone calls, meetings, conversations. There’s a good chance that you’ve had a whole year that sponsors that you work with for years and years and years, you didn’t even have a chance to talk to. Things were cancelled, things were just rolled over.
Now is the time to pick up the phone, set up that meeting and say, “Hey, how you doing? What are your needs this year? What are you looking for?” Maybe a sponsor always did coffee breaks, and now they want to look more at content opportunities. Maybe your whole sponsorship program has completely changed, or maybe your events gone from an in-person tradeshow to a hybrid with a virtual component.
You need to be the one that introduces the opportunities to your sponsor. Do not just put it in the email and hope that they’ll write back and say, “I’m in.”  It needs to be a conversation. If your sponsorship program is a yes or no, that is a missed opportunity. We’re really seeing right now that people not only want to talk about right now, but they want to plan the year ahead. Budgets are very different, it’s likely they’ve maybe combined years, maybe have money left over, maybe the budgets are tighter. These are all things that can only be addressed in a conversation, and it is so important that you have somebody that can represent your association and represent the event as the solution the person you’re reaching out to is in need of.
Likely a lot of people are trying to figure out how to do more with less, less budget, less staff, less time, things are very different.  The association and sponsorships can be that solution if presented in the best light.
If you need help recreating your sponsorship program, how to share it with your industry, how to find new sponsors that have never participated in before, please give us a call or shoot me an email at  We’d be happy to help!


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