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Maybe you are still at home getting ready for the day or maybe its on your drive into the office – no matter how loud that radio is blaring, that one pesky to-do just keeps popping into your mind. Is it the task you don’t feel very confident about completing, like every time you hit save on that excel you fear those formulas just aren’t right?
Or is that one item you always put off, like filing that paperwork that now resembles a paper mountain on your desk? Or maybe it is a call to that prospect yet again when they promised they would get back to you, but it has been crickets? At this point, you have two options – talk yourself out of doing it with a whole bunch of excuses or eat the frog first.
This is a phrase I found myself saying over and over again when starting a new job. Everything was new and even though I had a lot of experience that would come in handy – there were still plenty of things that I had to learn. Some responsibilities came naturally, and I was thrilled to take on, but of course, there were also the ones that felt overwhelming – when really it was just going to take practice. So instead of continuing to stare at my “to-do” list or thinking of reasons to reprioritize it to another day – I committed to “eating the frog first” and just getting it done.
Getting these “frogs” taken care of became addicting. How freeing to just get these items out of my brain, but even better – many of them became routine parts of my week and weren’t challenging anymore.  I was getting tasks done before they even made it on the list of to-dos and I often stopped overthinking them. It was amazing how this approach cleared mental space and my projects moved forward at a quicker pace. However, it was those calls that I was so worried about making that brought the most surprise.
Over the past two weeks, my follow up that I feared might be seen as “too persistent” proved helpful: I received a ‘thank you’ for being diligent so one of the prospects did not miss the deadline (that I had told myself I was sure they were aware of by now….) and I followed up with a pending contract that I feared would seem too eager and instead the person admitted they thought they had hit send on the email but instead it was sitting in their drafts.  Getting those frogs eaten – I wrapped up sales that easily could have continued into another week and was praised from my thoroughness!
If you have the tendency to push those pesky to-dos back or procrastinate on the ones you don’t feel nearly as confident about, or make excuses to avoid the items you are sure you will garner an unwelcomed response, I challenge you to embrace this mindset and see what can happen. Here’s to the frogs and eating them first.
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